Liturgical Ministry

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All who belong to the Church carry on the ministry of Christ by their service of others, their witness to their faith and their active participation in worship.

Some members of the community are called to use their gifts in a particular way to serve the prayer of those who gather.  Careful preparation by liturgical ministers enables the liturgy to be celebrated more fully.

Normally liturgical ministers undertake some formation prior to their service and have the assent of the local community.  With a deeper understanding of liturgical rites, symbols and actions and a honing of relevant skills they can become more effective  ministers.  The provision of ongoing opportunities for formation and renewal for liturgical ministers is recommended.

There are a number of helpful Archdiocesan guidelines and resources for liturgical ministers. These are based on the Church's teachings and prepared by the Liturgical Commission and Liturgy Office for use in the Archdiocese.


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