Office of Liturgy

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The liturgy is the public worship of the Church. With the whole Church, those who gather for worship offer praise and thanks to the Father through Jesus Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit. By participating in these sacred actions we draw strength to serve others, giving witness to Christ in our daily lives.

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The Office of Liturgy fosters active participation and an increased understanding of liturgy throughout the Archdiocese by assisting communities with liturgical preparation, education and formation. The Office operates as part of the Office of Pastoral Ministry and acts as a liturgical consultant for agencies, organisations and diocesan liturgical gatherings.

The Office of Liturgy prepares policies, guidelines and other liturgical resources for use in the Archdiocese and offers support to the Archbishop and the Presbyterate on liturgical matters. It maintains strong ties with national liturgical organisations, particularly in relation to significant liturgical issues and developments.