Rite of Election

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The Rite of Election, presided over by the Archbishop, is a major step in the faith journey of catechumens and baptised candidates in the RCIA process, as well as for whole Archdiocese. In this Rite, which normally occurs on the First Sunday of Lent, the Church makes it’s “election”, ie chooses the catechumens who, up to this point, have spent much time in formation to move on to the sacraments of initiation at Easter.

It marks the commencement of the period of Purification & Enlightenment – a more reflective phase of preparation, where the “elect” (as they are now called) come to know more deeply, Christ the Saviour through reflection on the gospels, and participation in further rites and celebrations of the Word.

Those baptised Christians who are seeking to complete their initiation into the Catholic Church are also welcomed by the Archbishop in this important celebration, where the faith community shows its support for all who are being called into the life of the Church.

Catechumens are called forward
Names are inscribed in the Book of the Elect
Catechumens and Candidates are introduced to the Archbishop
The Archbishop prays over the Catechumens and Candidates
Glenorchy Parish group
Huon Valley Parish group
Kings Meadows Parish group