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The term “Vocation” is derived from vocare , meaning “to call”. Every Christian, through their baptism, is called to be a committed follower of Jesus, and to develop to their fullest potential, so that they may share their individual gifts and abilities as fully as possible, for the sake of others.

Among the many vocation options, are:

  • Priests – Men who are called to the Service of God and are committed to serving their parish community.
  • Religious – Men and women who are called to service in either an active or contemplative lifestyle and who live in a community.
  • Marriage – Those who devote themselves to God through commitment to their family life.
  • Lay single – Those who are called to work for the mission of the church by serving others in a variety of ways.

If you feel you may be called to a vocation, or are interested in knowing more about the above vocation choices, you can find further information at:

Catholic Vocations Ministry Austraila



"I have come that you may have life and have it to the full" - John 10:10
The glory of God is man fully alive; to be fully alive is to see God. -St. Irenaeus.

The Church in Tasmania needs priests:

  • who are open to the Spirit of God, who are "fully alive"
  • who can share the lives, loves, joys and sorrows of God's people.
  • who can work with the Archbishop, priests and laity to raise the awareness of God's kingdom in their midst.

Consider the following statements:

  • Your relationship with God gives you strength and direction.
  • You love your Catholic faith and are faithful to the Eucharist.
  • You enjoy working with people.
  • You are often found going out of your way for others in some kind of service.
  • You are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
  • Other people have suggested to you that you may be called to priesthood or religious life.
  • You don't feel worthy of the call; you are somewhat afraid but at the same time excited by the possibility.
  • You are able to diligently apply yourself to your studies or your job at the present time.
  • People can count on you to come through for them.
  • You have a sense of humour.

Recognise any of these signs in yourself?

Well then, pick up the phone and give us a call, or drop us an e-mail. We can help you with any questions as well as with information about prayer and discernment weekends, seminary training, or help you find further information about priesthood in general.

For further information contact:
 Contact Person: Fr Brian Nichols ADM
Vocations Director
 Location: 99 Barrack Street
Hobart Tasmania 7000
 Telephone: (03) 6234 4463
 Fax: 6234 4737
 Email: Contact


Religious sisters and brothers are people who are:

  • Committed to sharing in the life and mission of their community
  • Nourishes and fosters their relationship with God through personal and communal prayer, and service
  • Lives a vow of chastity, living celibately, which means choosing a different way of loving ~ which allows them to be available to many people, loving and caring for them deeply, but non-exclusively
  • Lives a vow of poverty, living simply and sharing their personal gifts, time and resources with their community
  • Lives a vow of obedience, listening attentively for God's call to respond to the needs of our world, discerned through prayer, and through dialogue with their community and with other people