Bell rings in 150th anniversary for historic Triabunna church

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Bell rings in 150th anniversary for historic Triabunna church
St Anne's historic bell was rung to announce the beginning of the 150th anniversary Mass.

The congregation of St Anne’s Church in Triabunna have celebrated the church’s 150th anniversary exactly 150 years to the day – and to the hour – since the church was officially opened and dedicated.

In a Sunday Mass on March 17, at 11am, parishioners and visitors gathered to celebrate the heritage and continuing faith of the small church.

Exactly 150 years ago – at the same time of 11am – a Mass to open and officially dedicate the church was celebrated by parish priest Fr John Kernan while then-Bishop Daniel Murphy preached the homily.

The 150th Mass was celebrated by emeritus Archbishop Adrian Doyle, with parish priest Fr Terry Rush and Salesian priest Fr Damien Sladen SDB concelebrating.

The Triabunna congregation currently only celebrates Mass at St Anne’s each fortnight, and this date fell on a weekend they were able to have Mass.

Church sacristan Louise Izzard says she couldn’t believe that they had been able to celebrate the 150th anniversary on the exact day.

“It was really amazing that it worked out that way … We were very lucky,” Mrs Izzard said.

Fr Terry Rush says that St Anne’s Church is very important to the faith of the community, but that even before the church was built, the local priest would travel to the area to celebrate Mass, and that Bishop Wilson performed weddings in the area in peoples’ homes.

The land for the church was given by Governor George Arthur, and the church designed by Henry Hunter.

A display of photos and memorabilia highlighted ‘Living the Faith’ at St. Anne’s with some attending delighted to find themselves or their family included in the display. A time-line compared St Anne’s life time to events occurring around the world.

A folder on the history of the St Anne’s Church bell is likely to be made into a book, with requests for copies already coming in.

The church's bell was rung three times to signal the beginning of the celebrations – a testament to the dedication of the congregation who were determined to see their bell rehung prior to the 150th anniversary.

The bell hadn’t been rung in recent years due to concerns about the instability of the tree from which it hung. That tree was finally removed in June last year.

Now a new, free-standing bell tower has been created so that the bell can ring out once more.

The bell was blessed by Archbishop Doyle, before Christopher Izzard– who had rung the bell as a teenager – rung the bell enthusiastically.

“Fr Hayres used to like people to ring the bell straight after Mass, so Chris used to sneak out at the end of Mass to ring the bell – with Fr Hayres’ permission!” Mrs Izzard said.

She says “it would be lovely” if the congregation continued to ring the bell at Masses.

“I haven’t talked to anyone about it, but why have it in a bell tower if we don’t use it?”