Carols on the Hill to celebrate true meaning of Christmas

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Carols on the Hill to celebrate true meaning of Christmas

Now running for the third year, the annual Hobart Christmas event Carols on the Hill is a chance for families and children to develop a deeper appreciation of what we celebrate at Christmas – the birth of Christ our savior, says Archbishop Julian.

A traditional outdoor carols event, Carols on the Hill will be held on the oval of Guilford Young College’s Hobart campus this Saturday, December 21. Gates open at 5.30pm, with the concert between 7.00 - 9.00pm.

“I think everyone wants to make Christmas special,” said Archbishop Julian.

“Often people find that they get so busy and caught up with all the practicalities of Christmas – particularly the buying of presents and all the aspects of organising events around Christmas.

“Carols on the Hill provides people – through the carols – of being caught up in the true spirit and meaning of Christmas,” he said.

“In Europe, there would be people going around in the middle of winter singing carols, but in a way, we’re blessed to have a very beautiful time of year when everybody can come outdoors, and through the singing of carols together be drawn into the meaning of Christmas.”

The free event – which will include a nativity scene – can be a good way for families to prepare for Christmas, says Archbishop Julian.

“It can be a great way for families to help their children have the correct orientation towards Christmas – not just thinking about the presents they’re going to get, but be also thinking about the celebration of the birth of Christ our savior.

“And so for families, it is a way that they can help their children prepare for the celebration of the Christmas Mass.”

Tickets are free and can be obtained by clicking here.

Carols on the Hill is an initiative of the Archdiocese of Hobart, and supported by the City of Hobart.