Process of Change

This year will be a time of transition for Catholic worshipping communities. Within the framework given by the Australian Catholic bishops, communities will choose how they will gradually implement the changes to the Mass.

Phase One: January – to Pentecost 2011

Communities look at the revised texts, consider their future needs and decide on an implementation process.

Training and catechesis opportunities begin to be provided.

New Mass settings are investigated. Musicians work with the parish to learn a new setting,  if they wish. New or revised settings may be learnt all at once or phased in. Older settings may still be used.

New versions of the following may be sung:
Lord Have Mercy,
Holy Holy,
Memorial Acclamation,
Lamb of God. 

No other changes are made.

In this period communities may sing the new texts. 

When spoken, the existing texts are used. The new texts are only used when sung.

Phase Two: Pentecost – November 1, 2011

Communities phase in the changes, as per the local strategy. 

Training and catechesis continues. New or revised Mass settings are sung.  Older settings may be used but are phased out by November.

The new greetings, invitations and the people’s responses begin to be used as well as other prayers. These may be phased in gradually or changed all at once, whether sung or spoken.  They include:
Gospel Greeting
Invitation to Prayer and Response
Preface Dialogue
Invitation to Communion and Response

Lord Have Mercy,
Holy Holy,
Memorial Acclamation,
Lamb of God. 

All these elements would be introduced by November 2011

Phase Three: From 1st Sunday of Advent, 2011

These final prayers will be prayed completing the full implementation of the changes:
Presidential prayers
Eucharistic Prayers
Solemn Blessings and Prayers Over the People