Music and the Revised Translation

OrganThis year communities will turn their attention to learning new or revised settings of the Mass.  Of the main people’s prayers, the Gloria and the Memorial Acclamations have the most significant changes.

Chant is the Church’s pre-eminent form of music.   In the musical tradition of the Church, the dialogues and responses such as the ‘Lord be with you’- ‘And with your spirit’ are sung, especially on solemn occasions. Many  of these chants have been revised.

The Australian Bishops are encouraging communities to consider learning at least one of the settings recommended for the Australian Church.  6 works were chosen from more than 50 Australian settings that were submitted in 2009. Communities that learn one or more of these settings will help build a common repertoire.

Many other settings are being published in Australia, the United States and other English speaking countries. Some have been prepared by well known liturgical composers.  A number of popular Mass settings have also been revised.  Already more than 50 settings are available.

An overview of the Music and the revised translation can be found in the December 2010 edition of Rite Notes. (6x A4 pages PDF)