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NEW Newsletter supplement for all parishes and schools

The poster provides some details about the changeover and the content of the new Missal.    

A4 pdf: Missal Newsletter Supplement Advent 2011

NEW St Pauls to publish Sunday and Weekday Missals for Australia

St Pauls Publications is preparing a people's edition of both the Sunday and Weekday Missals.   These Missals will contain the newly translated prayers for Mass and readings from the current Australian Lectionary (Jerusalem Bible translation). They are anticipating a publication date of March 2012.

At present the Church is seeking a new translation for the Lectionary with the hope that a new Lectionary for Mass will be available in a few years.

  NEW Choral and instrumental parts for popular Mass of St Francis

SATB Choral Parts and 2 x Parts for C Instruments

New choral and instrumental parts are freely downloadable for singers, choirs and instrumentalists under a Word of Life International Copyright Music Licence (special licence for musicians).

See Music: Recommended settings

Fr Paul Turner provides in-depth view of the new translation

International  presenter on the revised Roman Missal and prolific writer Fr Paul Turner presented a number of sessions on the new translation during November. Fr Turner was a secretary to those charged with the task of translating the original Latin text into English. He spoke publicly in both Hobart and Launceston and spent two days with the clergy to assist them to make the transition to praying  the longer prayers.  From the First Sunday of Advent the prayers of all Masses will be taken from the revised English translation of the Missal.


Clergy inservice with Fr Paul Turner, 3-4 November, 2011.

  First Sunday of Advent designated as changeover date

Parishes will complete their changeover to the new Missal on the First Sunday of Advent, 2011.   The old texts will cease to be used from this date at all Masses. The Missals are being distributed in Australia through St Pauls Publications and can be ordered online.

Templates for liturgy booklet preparation now available
Templates for liturgy booklets containing the revised texts have been prepared by the Liturgy Office to assist those who prepare booklets for liturgy.  Templates are available for:

Mass booklets

Funeral Booklets

For more information please contact Rosemary:

People's Booklet: Music settings of the Mass

Willow Publishing has produced an A5 booklet containing the music of the people's parts of all the 6 recommended Mass settings.  Five other Mass settings and the Order of Mass are also included. Discounts are available for bulk orders. Willow Connections

Successful Clergy In-Service: The Art of Presiding


An in-service associated with preparing for the revised transaltion was held for priests in the Archdiocese on the 26 and 27 July, 2011 at the Emmanuel Centre, Launceston. The facilitator was Blessed Sacrament Father Pat Negri SSS who led a number of sessions over the two days. Topics included: Signs and Symbols, Presidential Style and Presiding with the Revised texts.  The priests also had an opportunity to learn some of the new chants of the Mass.    

The next in-service for priests will be early in November with internationally recognised expert on the Missal Fr Paul Turner, from the United States.   Two other general public sessions are planned for both Launceston and Hobart.   More details to come soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Tasmanian Catholic Lift Out Supplement: Exploring the new Mass texts

A lift out supplement in the June/July Edition of the Tasmanian Catholic features four pages on the revised translation of the Mass.  The resources section (Bulletin and Homily Notes) now includes a downloadable copy of this sought-after resource.

Large print people's texts are now available.

To order your large print texts please contact:

    Website 'Together At One Altar' for Schools 

Sponsored by the National Catholic Education Commission, the website is a resource for teachers and school aged children (F-12) to develop their understanding of and participation in the Mass.
The material is grouped according to the four themes that correspond to the five pathways in the ICEL DVD 'Become One Body, One Spirit In Christ' (Explore, Craft, Celebrate, Live).

Together at One Altar website

Texts for projection are now available 

Prepared by the Liturgy Office, the file features easily readable slides with black background and white text. See sample texts in the resources section.

note.bmpListen to all 6 Recommended Mass settings online.

Links to online audio are provided for:

Mass of St Francis

Mass of Our Lady, Help of Christians

Missa Magis

Mass of Christ the Redeemer

Mass Shalom

Mass of Glory and Praise

See Music: Recommended settings